Misaki is the female lead protagonist in the manga novel, Ryuu no Muhaymin. Misaki first appears before Tatsuki Kawamura on his senior field trip in time to save him from a tiger that broke out of its confinement. Tatsuki is startled by her appearance, as she too has a claw mark below her eye. Tatsuki realizes only he can see her when a fellow classmate of his is unable to recognize her existence despite the fact that she was standing right beside him. Misaki then appears with Tatsuki's Uncle, who introduces her, calling Tatsuki her 'Master' and she his Guardian. She later explains that the dojo behind Tatsuki's home is an Agun, a hotspot that could take Tatsuki to the Dragon Guardian Headquarters, and tells him that their enemy, known as Tigers, will do everything in their power to kill him.

Misaki has a darker complexion, but vivid blue eyes. The armor she wears bears resemblance to what the ancient Romans wore during their fights in the Coliseum; she will later explain that the famous gladiators of the era were made up of high-ranking Guardians who trapped Tigers in lions' bodies and had them publicly executed. From then on, the Guardians have since taken on their uniform as a sign of past glory.

Her true identity is unknown to Tatsuki, and despite the hurdles in the way of their friendship, Misaki shows a devotion towards him that no stranger could possibly endure. Misaki is often seen scolding or teaching Tatsuki a lesson about the Dragon Guardian ways. Tatsuki eventually opens up to her and she to him; though Misaki also holds a seemingly unusual grudge against Natalia Medin, Tatsuki's crush and schoolmate. Misaki later shows a romantic interest in Tatsuki's friend, Yukihiro, but does not act on it.

Misaki also has the ability to transform into a dragon, a Ryuu Soul, but only when she and Tatsuki link hands. This occurrence proves rare for the duo as Tatsuki does not often have any intention to unleash his power as a Ryuu without a dire situation at hand. Art by @PitchBlackCat on DeviantArt

Misaki commission by pitchblackcat-da6d1ee