Tatsuki Kawamura is the lead male protagonist of the manga series, Ryuu no Muhaymin. Tatsuki is a high school senior living with his legal guardian, whom he refers to as Uncle. Beside their home is a shrine for his deceased parents and a dojo where Tatsuki spent most of his childhood playing with his neighbor, whom he always called Mimi.

Tatsuki's childhood is shrouded in mystery and pain. Around the time of his parents' death, a claw mark below his left eye appeared on his face and his hair began to turn from black to red, thus making him an outcast among the children his age for his usual changes. His childhood friend, Mimi, nearly a year later, falls ill and leaves the country for treatment. Tatsuki holds onto the memories of this childhood friend as his only solace to the neglect of everyone around him. To this day, Tatsuki writes and weekly letters to her, after her single reply for him to do so.

Tatsuki was raised by a legal guardian whom he calls Uncle. Uncle says little about his parents and his friend Mimi, other than that they had all fallen ill. However, now that Tatsuki began finishing his time in preparatory high school, he is no longer disturbed by his past and is seemingly content with no close friends and is moving on towards medical school.

This is all changed when Tatsuki's senior field trip brings an armored, saber-wielding girl by the name of Misaki into his life. She saves his life from an unusual tiger attack that leaves Tatsuki dumbfounded by what he witnessed. Tatsuki is then later faced with the challenges of accepting Misaki's existence and all the threats threats that come with it. Their relationship is strained and Misaki's efforts into convincing him to join her seem to be all in vain. Their relationship does heal in time, and mainly due to a classmate of Tatsuki's, Yukihiro, who tells him to believe in himself and his instincts. Art done by @Philosmer on DeviantArt.

Tatsuki by philosmer-da4nisz

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